Riverland Park: An Opportunity to Serve

Riverland Park is a north state project partnership with Shasta County, City of Redding, USDA/NRCS, BLM, California Fish and Wildlife, California Conservation Corp, businesses, service clubs and Providence International.

Riverland Park is one of California’s most beautiful natural resources situated on the Sacramento River between Redding and Anderson on Interstate I-5. Riverland Park is a restorative agriculture designed model park and farm of the future that combines the latest state of the art in water, wind and energy production and conservation with the distinctive goal of being a 0 net energy site. The site will feature aquaponics, permaculture, and greenhouse technologies for healthy organic food production, a river front riparian corridor of trails and native plantings.

 The vision for this signature park includes a river walk, a healthy food production hub for California fruits, nuts and vegetable crops, riparian and native plantings and water, wind and solar energy production and conservation. It is a recreation and education interactive and interpretive adventure for healthier living.

Riverland Park is a north state project partnership with Shasta County, City of Redding, USDA/NRCS, BLM, California Fish and Wildlife, California Conservation Corp, businesses, service clubs and Providence International. 

RIverland Park and Farm is managed by Providence International Enterprises, a Redding based non-profit 501c3 organization, dedicated for the past 17 years to building job creating partnerships to free families from poverty and dependency through enterprise development, work experience, housing, job training and placement. This centerpiece riverfront I-5 open space zoned property is owned by the City of Redding. The river trail links to the Bureau of Land Management 200 acre river front property.  Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto architects have donated their services in the site planning as a community and public service.  

The City of Redding Council approved unanimously a 15 year extendable lease to Providence for the central parcel farm of the future parcel. Providence has cleared the land over the past 3 years and produced three winter food grain crops and planted a fruit and nut tree orchard donated by the Fruit Tree Foundation. Documented in-kind and cash improvements of $857,000 donated to date.  Fence, irrigation infrastructure and electric power are installed. Permits are issued for two state of the art greenhouses donated by Emerald Kingdom Greenhouses.

An irrigation pump capable of providing drip irrigation and fertigation for the site has been donated and installed by J&J Pumps.  John Tiedeman USDA has done the topo mapping, soil testing and site drip irrigation system. Sponsors include: Hawes Farms, J&J Pumps, Pest Management Technology, Cresco/CAT, Dr. Randy Smith, Wagner Electric, Aamigo Irrigation, Emerald Kingdom Greenhouses, Sierra Pacific Industries, PACE engineering, Crystal Creek Aggregate, Mid Pacific Engr,  Orchard Supply Hardware, Strange and Sons Fencing, Nash Farms, Stroup’s Power Equipment, Stewardship Trust, XR100 investments, Redding Landscape Design and EBJ Construction.  

The 2018 plan is to complete installation of the perimeter fence, construct two state of the art greenhouses, install solar arrays and expand the water system for drip irrigation, adjust the entrance area lease lines, relocate the parking area, feature farm art, expand construction of the river trail and the orchard by 100 fruit and nut trees. Providence invites sponsors, grants, donor and memorial gifts for the project. The 2400 foot extension of the south riverfront trail is cut and plantings of native plants along the riparian river corridor begin in the spring of 2018.

Providence is enlisting green companies in the provision of solar and other state of the art energy and water saving generating equipment, completing the drip irrigation system for sustainable perennial plantings, beginning  work on new entrance and parking and engaging service clubs, grantors and the public in project participation. Site plans and design guidelines and an aerial video are available on request.

Contact Information:

Providence International: Robert Hancock, Founder, 530-243-3373Providence@charter.net
City Contact: Kim Niemer, COR Director of Community Services, 530-225-4085