Providence International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing financial resources for the development and expansion of revolving loan funds for livelihood enterprises. Training for loan recipients, and the creation of employment throughout the developing world, is conducted through Providence's network of proven reliable livelihood loan organizations.  


Providence International's network of livelihood loan organizations are accountable through a formal written contract detailing conditions or each loan. Records and reports are required for every loan recipient and revolving loan fund organization. These records include the number and amount of each loan, interest, repayment records and bad debt.

All Providence Livelihood Loan Organization (LLO) partners provide annual reports and are audited by independent Certified Public Accountants. Forms IRS 990 financial reports are available to the public for Providence and each participating Providence LLO. Every organization has an active Board of Directors, and Providence's board members have nearly 400 years of combined business experience.

Field visits can be scheduled for all those who would like to review the LLO projects in operation. Inquiries are welcome via this website or at P.O. Box 993544 Redding CA 96099. Providence and its Livelihood Loan Organization network maintain a standard of excellence and best practices as their signature for public record.