End Poverty Zone


Endorsed by US Ambassador (Ret.), Tony P. Hall, and College Football Hall of Fame Coach (Ret.), Tom Osborne, Providence International has developed a successful sports-themed campaign, End Poverty Zone. With a single $100 ticket, you can change myriad lives around the world, and join the Providence Hall of Fame.  

Know the Score


According to the World Bank, "One in ten people around the world live on less than $2. The global poor are predominantly rural, young, poorly educated, are mostly employed in the agricultural sector, living in larger households with abundant children.

Despite progress, extreme poverty remains unacceptably high, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, which has the largest number of extreme poor in the world at 389 million. In fact, the region constitutes half of the world's extreme poor, more than all other regions combined."  Now, you know the score. - World Bank

Change the Game


Join former US Ambassador, Tony Hall, and College Football Hall of Fame Coach, Tom Osborne, in the End Poverty Zone, a sports-themed anti-poverty campaign wherein ticket sales translate into sustainable futures for struggling individuals and families in the developing world. 

Each $100 ticket translates into a microfinance loan capable of sustaining a family for six months, during which time the loan is repaid, and another group is aided. With a single ticket, two families are raised from poverty every year, so just imagine what a roll of tickets could do, it would change the game. 

Make a Play


Where a $100 ticket sustains two families for a year, it also raises twenty families out of poverty every decade. Such change is transformative, allowing parents to visualize a future for their children, and children a life free of hunger.

Many diseases are born of poor nutrition, and as families elevate their standard of living through hard work and innovative practices, illness fades. Where acres of crops are born from a single seed, so does financial independence begin with a single ticket, so act now and make a play.

Actualize a Win


Winning in the End Poverty Zone comes from knowing you have made a substantial change in the lives of others: men, women, and children the world over whose only barrier to success is a little seed money from a micro-loan or savings program and coaching support. 

Act today and join scores of others in the End Poverty Zone Hall of Champions, placing your name, or the name of someone to whom you dedicate your ticket, on a growing list of active life game changers. Life is not a spectator sport, it requires effort to actualize a win—the satisfaction of freeing people from poverty to have a future with hope.

Program Details

Providence International’s proven formula with bundling of proven micro-finance and savings network of organizations and coupled with advanced affordable technologies can end poverty for 2 billion impoverished people worldwide—400 million families—in One Generation. This is possible with your support. An average of $30,000 per year leveraged with matching funds and placed in revolving loan funds that roll over twice annually has done the work of $11.4 million in 16 years to free 114,000 families from poverty, forging a future with hope.

Annual Statistics

Each year from its founding Providence has multiplied donor dollars to do the work of $120,000 in loans annually with matching, leveraged and roll over use of funds. The loans are uncollateralized character loans with only a 3% bad debt which is replaced from collective fees to preclude decapitalizing the loan fund. Seventy percent of the loans are to women. Every year Providence overseas partners manage these revolving loan funds and provide business services to loan recipients. It is a proven way to seed business capacity for impoverished families to solve their own problems with dignity.

Providence on average takes donor dollars of $30,000 a year plus matching to place $60,000 as grants to microfinance affiliates and with the six-month rollover achieves the $120,000 average annual impact in 1200 loans. It is hard to find a better form of multiplied stewardship that goes on in perpetuity to free families from poverty.

Loan Sizes: While loans typically range from $25 to $250, the average loan size is $100, which is enough to add an individual or loved one's name to the End Poverty Zone Hall of Champions, located in the Providence International Hall of Fame. 

Rollover Fund: The average rollover of loans is twice per year, which means every $100 donated provides life changing funds for two families at six months apiece, during which time the loan is repaid, e.g., $60,000 does the work of $120,000 in twelve months. 

Average Payback: Due to Providence International's careful vetting of grantee affiliate partner organizations the average loan payback rate is an astounding 97%, leaving only 3% of bad debt or unrepaid loans annually.

Yearly Participants: On average, Providence International’s network of grantee partner microfinance affiliates provide 1,200 microfinance loans per year to impoverished families representing on average 7200 people around the world.

Loan Recipients: By and large, six people are directly impacted by each $100 microfinance loan, a remarkable number considering the relatively small size.  

High Standards

Financial program reports and representative pictures and stories are required from each of Providence’s partner agencies twice annually. Providence requires written contractual agreements and periodic field program and financial audits with each of its implementing grantee microfinance organizations with established standards for optimal management of the funds. Each challenge grant provided by Providence is matched up to three times and must be used exclusively 100% for capitalization of loan and savings capital for livelihood enterprises.

Funds for operations and fund raising come from interest, unrestricted contributions and business partnerships. This multiplication continues to transform the lives of these families. Think of what one or two more zeroes would do to multiply the transformation of lives each year. These facts have faces, hearts, families, and now have a future with hope. Millions of others wait for the opportunity to sustain themselves and meet their own needs. Be a champion to our End Poverty Zone and make a world of difference one family at a time.