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The following organizations match Providence International's donations dollar-for-dollar with no administrative fees, train revolving loan fund recipients, manage revolving loan funds, record all loan data and monitor progress, and report loan progress and results to Providence.

Our Partners


*Individuals and groups not on this partner list are not eligible for grants. Please do not request grant assistance if you have not been invited to do so. You may wish to contact our livelihood loan organizations working in your area or country of interest.

100XR Business Partnership

Imagine a business relationship with Providence, a trusted non-profit business development partner, that can add value mutually, build purpose, wealth and be socially responsible doing good while doing well. Our business partners create a dynamic for mutual benefit for owners, investors, employees and at-risk people. That is Providence’s distinctive service offer to businesses: win-win relationships thrive. Providence gives you access to the best blend of services and proven resourceful people, ideas and services to optimize the structure and performance of your business. Your judgment and success will be no better than the information, tools and counsel you have.


Providence, by design, is your GPS to the destination of your choice to fulfill your business purpose. The mutual value benefits ring true and establish a good socially responsible business image and reputation. Providence, through its partnerships, can now offer the benefits of a suite of business services normally only available to the wealthy but now made affordable to entry level, small and medium scale businesses owners and principals:

  • Access to 100XR’s business service portal and platform 100XR
  • Access to business incubator services and tailored start up tools and services
  • Access to sales and cause related marketing services on national and international scale
  • Coaching and access to angel funding
  • Value added analysis for optimizing savings, tax consequence reduction and brokering scalability
  • Partnership with Providence provides discovery for cost savings, safety with risk aversion services, structuring for optimal capitalization and leverage, cause related marketing linkage and benefits. Advantage connection to Charitable CLLC formation.

Partnerships with Providence are tailored by mutual agreement on the value provided by each party. Some of the forms of these partnerships include but are not limited to shares in: Equity, sales, cause related benefits, memberships, savings, investments, fees, resellers agreements and consultancy contracts and access to professionals, products and services at a fraction of market cost.

Providence serves both people with wealth and people at-risk through building Partnerships for Prosperity with Purpose. Contact us today at 530-243-3373 and begin your journey to the destination and ultimate choice of doing well while doing good.  Discover doing business for the greater purpose and social benefit.

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