Multiplying Contributions


This example illustrates how a one time $100 contribution does the work of $400 to serve from 2-4 families each year in revolving loan funds as repaid twice annually over a ten year period. Up to 40 families over 10 years are given the opportunity to become healthy, productive and self-supporting families forging a future with hope from the livelihood enterprises created with the intial $100 contribution. Each loan averages $100 per enterprise.



This representative example can vary from country to country as economic, environmental and political factors may change.

  • Your $100 contribution is multiplied at least 2 times by foundations and partner agencies making $200 in revolving loan funds for livelihood enterprises.
  • $200 is placed in a revolving loan fund managed by one of PROVIDENCE’s partner implementing agencies overseas. The average micro-finance loan size is $100. Repayments are completed within 6 months meaning that the original $100 does the work of $400 each year  and continuing year after year.

Four families are freed each year or 40 over 10 years. Discounting for 3% bad debt, you have approximately 39 families that are freed from poverty, or approximately 200 family members.

Your $100 “seed” contribution does the work of $4,000 over 10 years at a cost of $2.56 per family or 52 cents per person freed from poverty with a sustaining livelihood enterprise.

This is stewardship at its best. This is how a little becomes much and your “seed” money becomes a field for a harvest of health and hope.



It is all about work….

And It Works!