What We Do


A Stewardship Multiplier to Alleviate Poverty,
One Family and One Business at a Time

Creative stewardship and free enterprise characterize PROVIDENCE International’s program for addressing the needs of the poor. Consider this as one example of our micro-enterprise impact:

  • Each dollar is multiplied from 2 to 4 times through matching funds provided by foundations and partner implementing agencies.
  • PROVIDENCE makes grants to partner agencies to create revolving loan funds that continue to recycle to serve more new families and businesses each year. The average pay back is 97%.
  • One hundred percent of donor family sponsorship contributions go to program services and projects. Other grants and assets meet PROVIDENCE’s and its LLO's modest fund-raising and administrative costs.

PROVIDENCE’s distinctive form of stewardship multiplies your contribution, monitors the use and accounts for the results.

At-Risk-People located domestically and overseas
Non-Profits of like vision, mission, and values
The Unemployed and Underemployed
Business Developers serving the disenfranchised
Business Owners who welcome cause-related partnership and marketing.

Over half of the worlds population lives on less than $2.00 per day
Providence International Enterprises offers a business solution
that provides livihoods for a lifetime
in place of handouts that create dependency.