Opportunities to Participate

Family Sponsorship...
Volunteer Service...
  • Ticket to End Poverty sales
  • Website links and forwards
  • Powerpoint presenters
  • Grant writers and editors
  • Business partner agreements
  • Presentation hosts
  • Businesses, Civic Clubs and Worship Place Representatives
Investment in Enterprises...
  • One-time financial gifts or monthly pledges
  • Donate vehicles, property, stock, or retirement funds
  • Investment in small business loans in Asia or Africa @ $10,000 per unit

  • Provide livelihoods for at-risk families in Moldova, Bangladesh, Kenya, Burundi, and the Philippines ( $100 contribution creates a livelihood loan for 2 families/year)
  • Travel with a Purpose - go with your friends to see livelihood loan projects and families served
  • Become an LLC Investor in the Valued Employee Project (30 units remaining @ $10,000 each)
  • Partner in Asia and Africa in fish, goat, corn, beans, hog, vegetable¬†and ethanol enterprises: Investment units of $10,000 in 7-10% interest bearing loans